for students, by students

 Improve Your Life on Campus with Dormzi!


For Students, By Students

Dormzi allows you to get help with your daily chores directly from your peers or to complete tasks for others and earn money in the process.

Throughout our journey we aim to amplify the existing college adventure and create a more seamless environment for students.

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 How Dormzi Works ?

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Select a Task

Need help with a task? With Dormzi’s easy to use interface, you can quickly select the task you want to be completed, and a Dormzi will be at your door in moments.

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Get Things Done

Dirty clothes piling up? Need to pick up food, but too swamped with studying? Want a fellow college student to help you out? Dormzi is here to make it happen.

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Get Busy

Going for laundry and want to help your peers? Have a few additional moments you want to make productive? Dormzi allows you to complete tasks for others and earn money in the process.

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Built On Trust

Dormzi is more than an app. It is founded in its community. You and your fellow college students will be able to help each other out via the easy to use and seamless interface of the app.

This includes everything from cleaning dorm rooms, food delivery, errand running or tutoring.

Living on campus, made simpler.


The Dormzi Solution 

Have a lot of opportunities to explore on campus, but little time and resources to do so? We feel you! Much like you, when we started our college journey, we didn’t expect to be facing the everyday budget and time management challenges. That’s why Dormzi is built from the ground up to offer a solution to your everyday needs. Creating a trusted on-campus network, based on service and money exchange, Dormzi is our vision brought to life.

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The Entrepreneurial College Duo

Founded by college students Sabine Rizvi and Milan Kordestani, the app is built from the ground up to be easy to pick up and easy to use. Dormzi is striving towards delivering the best experience for college students, envisioned by college students.


Is Launching @ FSU & @ NYU!


Dormzi is launching this fall @ Florida State University and @ New York University! If you are eagerly waiting to have the time of your life at college or you can’t wait to get back to your campus, make sure to download Dormzi today!

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