How does Dormzi work?

Step 1

Download Dormzi on the App Store

We shouldn't need to explain this...

Step 2

Ask for a task to be completed

It can be anything! Need your laundry to be done? Need a tutor for a class you're struggling with? We'll automatically find the best person for the job.

Step 3

Enjoy the benefits

Room cleaned. Lessons learned. Laundry complete. Or literally hundreds of other possibilities. That's what Dormzi gets you.


Why use Dormzi?


You can trust us because you can trust your classmates.


Statistically less expensive than our competitors.


Cleaning. Laundry. Food. Deliveries. You name it.

Easy to use

Get your first task approved within 3 minutes.

Don't waste your time

Get help with anything and everything

Need help with a task? With Dormzi, you can quickly select the task you want to be completed, and a Dormzi will be at your door in moments.


Access to people that can actually help

The people who are working on your job go to your school. This means that they'll be able to provide insightful help on your task because they've most likely done it themselves.

Hear from our

Many happy students

I used Dormzi to help move in during the Fall. I didn't need to deal with dirty-movers, I had a fellow student and made a friend!

Craig Jones

dormer @ nyu

I have been able to spend so much more time studying now that I don't have to worry about doing my laundry!

Lauren Goose

Dormer @ nyu

I was struggling my introduction to economics class but my TA recommended Dormzi. No regrets.

Derrick Brolin

dormer @ Nyu